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Elite Food Group Inc.

Welcome to Elite Food Group Inc.,.  the premiere Contract Food Service Management and Concession 
company in the New York tri-state area.  Elite Food Group specializes in four key areas within the 
Contract Food Service industry, they are:

  • Public/Private and Charter School Meal programs 
  • Higher Educational on-site Cafeteria Concessions
  • Institutional and Non-profit meal programs
  • Food Service Consulting

At Elite Food Group, we know that everyone's needs are not the same and that no two programs are 
ever alike.  This is why we treat every client's food service programs as unique, because they are.  

With Elite Food Group by your side, you will have the expertise and professionalism you need to have
 a food service program that is of the highest calibre, at the most competitive rates in the industry.  
We will custom tailor a plan to meet your specific food service needs and implement the right strategy 
to ensure your success.

We welcome and invite you to discover more about Elite Food group and its services...